…imagine a cold winter evening surrounded by your closest friends and family, it’s raining or snowing outside and you’ve got some of your favorite music playing… everyone gathers around to reminisce about your wedding day and look through the memories in your photos on… your laptop or mobile??? Uh…. wait. Nope, that’s not what you want to do.

I believe (and I cannot stress this enough) that you need to print the photos you’ve invested so much in. Whether in the form of an handcrafted wedding album, small prints, or a custom framed print hanging on your wall. Your wedding is a special day and it deserves to be commemorated in a tangible heirloom.

wedding albums

I looked far and wide to find the highest quality wedding albums to offer my clients and I found them in these Queensberry leather-bound flushmount albums. They’re classic and highly elegant, and I offer them in three sizes, the standard 10 x 10″ (25x25cm) and the larger 14 x 10″ (35x25cm) and 12 x 12″ (30x30cm). All albums come with a choice of linen covers as standard and you can also upgrade to the choices of classic and contemporary genuine leathers. Each album is packaged in a beautiful presentation box and an individual silk bag.

The albums are sturdy enough to take a lot of images, even more so if you opt for a larger size. A standard 10 x 10″ album come with 80 images. You can increase the number of photos in your album in chargeable sets of 20 Photos or 40 Photos.

As well as increasing the number of image in your album, you can also increase the size of your album from a 10×10 inch to a 14×10 or 12×12 inch. Although a larger album does not give you more images, it does enable you to produce a more striking and creative design owing to the format size and spacing. If you wish to upgrade, please contact me with the size and number of images (80, 100 or 120) you’d like in the album and I’ll provide you with a quote.

Yes I do! The design and quality is identical to the main album and is significantly cheaper, as the design and printing process has all been set for the main album. Because of this, no changes can be made different from your main album. If you which to add this to your wedding collection, please ask me about this during our conversation.


All albums come with a choice of Harlequin Linens and Vibrant Linens as standard. You can also upgrade at a small cost to the Classic or Contemporary Leathers. All album come with the translucent title page with your names and wedding date at the from of the album. Click on a cover title to see the range.

A selection of bold two-toned linens. To capture the distinctive weave they’ve been photographed as they come off the roll, but the weave will run square to the cover like all our woven fabrics.

Beautiful showstopper fabrics that demand to be seen.

Specially made for Queensberry by one of France’s oldest and finest artisan tanneries.

Beautiful hides, soft to the touch, from one of Europe’s leading leather suppliers.


.. that you, your friends and family can purchase high quality prints directly from your online gallery? That’s right!

I work with a professional lab to ensure that you can receive the highest quality prints delivered right to your door. The gallery is synced with the lab to ensure the colors print true to form. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to preserve your legacy!

The gallery is password protected with one password for you and another for everyone else you share the gallery with. This gives you complete control over your gallery and you decide what everyone can see or not. So, any photos of those special moments you want to keep between you as a couple can stay private.