Pre-Wedding Shoot Guide for Couples

Prepare for an enjoyable and thrilling experience as you get ready for your pre-wedding photoshoot or engagement shoot. In this comprehensive guide for couples, I offer valuable tips to help you maximise your shoot and craft exquisite and cherished memories.

Pre Wedding Shoot Guide

Choosing the Perfect Location

When it comes to your pre-wedding shoot, selecting the right location is crucial. Not only does it set the tone, but it also adds to the overall ambiance of your photos. Consider places that hold significance for you as a couple, such as where you got engaged, where you spend your days off, or simply a beautiful location that you both love. Look for a spot offering a variety of different backdrops, providing more photo opportunities to craft something beautiful and unique.

For couples who have booked me for their wedding, I recommend Holland Park and Southbank as ideal locations for the complimentary pre-wedding shoot. If you’re booking an engagement or pre-wedding shoot independently, I am open to shooting anywhere and can help you find a suitable location.

If you’re looking for ideas of locations in London, there are several great spots to consider. Holland Park, The Hill Garden and Pergola at Hampstead Heath, Primrose Hill, The South Bank, Covent Garden, St Dunstan in the East (an old church ruins), Tower Bridge, and Shad Thames are all excellent choices. Additionally, the Royal Parks like Regent’s Park, Hyde Park, and The Rose Gardens are beautiful options, but keep in mind that they require a paid one-hour permit, just like The Hill Garden and Pergola at Hampstead Heath.

Pre Wedding Shoot Guide for Couples

Above and below image was captured at St Dunstan in the East (an old church ruins).

Pre Wedding Shoot Guide for Couples

In Hertfordshire, charming countryside settings like Hatfield House, Knebworth House, Ashridge Estate, Hitchin Lavender, Brocket Hall, Verulamium Park, and Hatfield Forest provide romantic backdrops. Take time to choose a location that reflects your style and personality. Explore these locations online or in person beforehand to ensure they match your vision, and consult with your photographer for additional advice.

Pre-Wedding Shoots in Paris, Barcelona, and Milan

Pre Wedding Shoot in Milan, the fashion city of the world.

Taking your pre-wedding shoot abroad to iconic cities like Paris, Barcelona, and Milan can add a touch of magic and romance to your photos. These cities offer a unique blend of history, culture, and stunning backdrops that will elevate your pre-wedding shoot to a whole new level.

Paris, the “City of Love,” offers picturesque streets and iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. Barcelona’s vibrant energy and Gaudí’s architectural wonders create captivating backdrops. Milan, the fashion capital, blends modern skyscrapers with historic gems like the Duomo di Milano. Research the locations, consult local photographers, and let these enchanting cities inspire your unforgettable pre-wedding photos.

Pre Wedding Shoot in Milan, the fashion city of the world.
Pre Wedding Shoot in Paris, the city of love.
Pre Wedding Shoot in Paris, the city of love.

Timing Matters

Choosing the right timing for your pre-wedding shoot is essential. Schedule it several weeks in advance, allowing you enough time for any necessary preparations such as extra workouts, haircuts, or manicures – whatever makes you feel great! I’m a big fan of the little treats that boost confidence. Consider shooting on weekdays as they are often less crowded, providing more privacy and flexibility.

I enjoy working with natural light, so early mornings right after sunrise or early evenings with golden light are the best times for your photos. The soft and warm lighting during these hours adds a magical touch to your pictures, making them even more special. However, I can be flexible and accommodate different timing preferences based on your needs.

What is the duration of the shoot? If your engagement session is included in your wedding package, it typically lasts up to one hour. I find this timeframe allows me to show you a few things, capture enough images for you. However, I can accommodate different durations based on your needs. Whether you want a longer session or have specific locations in mind, I have packages designed to cover every length.

Dress to Impress

Choose outfits that make you feel good and reflect your personal style. Dress up or down, be smart or casual—it’s entirely up to you and the vibe you want to portray. Avoid clothing with logos, patterns, or prints as they can be distracting. Dress according to the weather to ensure you’re comfortable and at your best. Also coordinate your outfits to complement each other without being too matchy-matchy. Have a mix of formal and casual attire for variety, and consider the location and season when selecting your outfits. For example, in a garden setting, flowy dresses for the bride and smart casual attire for the groom can create a romantic and relaxed vibe.

London Pre-Wedding Shoot

Have Fun and Enjoy the Experience

The pre-wedding shoot is more than just capturing pictures – it’s about creating lasting memories. Take this opportunity to relax, be yourselves, and enjoy the experience. Let your love and connection shine through, and I will capture genuine moments of joy and affection. Embrace the process and make it a special date for both of you.

Consider the pre-wedding shoot as an exciting part of your wedding journey. It’s a chance to build a connection with your photographer and create beautiful memories together. Cherish this time and let your love and joy shine in every photograph.

Pre-Wedding Shoot Guide for Couples
Pre-Wedding Shoot Guide for Couples
Pre-Wedding Shoot in Barbican Centre, London.
Pre-Wedding Shoot Guide for Couples

Thank You for exploring this Pre-Wedding Shoot Guide

To my incredible couples who have already booked,

I am absolutely thrilled to be part of your wedding journey and have the opportunity to capture the special moments that will forever tell your unique love story. Your trust in me is deeply appreciated, and I am dedicated to creating stunning pre-wedding photos that will exceed your expectations. I am here for you every step of the way, ensuring that your experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Get ready for an unforgettable pre-wedding shoot!

And to all the amazing couples considering my photography services,

Are you ready to embark on a remarkable journey that celebrates your love? I invite you to explore my portfolio and envision your own love story coming to life through my lens. From breathtaking pre-wedding photoshoots to capturing the magic of your wedding day, I am here to create timeless memories that will be treasured forever. Let’s connect and discuss how I can bring your vision to reality. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create extraordinary images and preserve the essence of your love forever. Reach out to me today, and let’s begin this incredible adventure together.

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