Benedicte & Mark

Experience the magic of Benedicte & Mark’s stunning wedding day through my lens as a London Wedding Photographer. I am truly honoured to have been chosen to capture their unforgettable wedding at the enchanting St Olavs Norwegian Church in London. Being a part of their special day was an absolute pleasure. The atmosphere was filled with genuine love and tears of joy, creating a truly memorable occasion.

Congratulations once again, guys! Get ready to relive the cherished moments of your ceremony. These captures showcase some of my favorite highlights, giving you a glimpse into the incredible moments that unfolded on your special day!

St Olavs Norwegian Church, London Wedding

St Olavs Norwegian Church is an enchanting venue that served as the perfect backdrop for Benedicte & Mark’s wedding day. Located in London, this historic church exudes charm and elegance, offering a picturesque setting for their ceremony. With its intricate architecture, stained glass windows, and serene ambiance, St Olavs Norwegian Church created a truly magical atmosphere. The couple’s choice of this remarkable venue showcases their appreciation for tradition and their desire to celebrate their love in a place of timeless beauty. It was a privilege to capture such precious moments within the walls of this extraordinary church.

If you’re planning a wedding of your own or need a wedding photographer, get in touch today to see how I could capture your day for you.

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