A beautiful, sunny and beautiful end of day at the end of April, perfect for london wedding photographer to capture a couples portrait photography. Today I was photographed Glykeria and Antonio portraits. We first met over coffee in central London, when I sensed our personalities where a match and that this photoshoot was going to be great.

Both from Greece and studying english, then had only been in London a few months and were loving every minute of their time in England. I got to know them a bit more during the couples of hours spent together and all I saw were just two beautiful people, literally, inside and out! I love meeting new people and even more so when it’s two adventures exploring another country, studying and planning to settle.

For most couples portraits and engagement photoshoots, I provide tips on confortable outfit, colours and some do’s and don’ts. However, Glykeria and Antonio are very affectionate individuals, very much in love and I believe that this was have shown, whatever they wore on the day. This made capturing them so easy, something every photographer loves in people. We could not have asked for a better sunset, perfect for beautifying their great smiles and the moment. As the sun was started to set, they got really playful with each other and I just shot, shot and shot. As I edited this images, I wondered how they would feel when they see their affections captured raw like this and I’m very please to say they loved them all. Good news for me as I really want to document their wedding day when that time comes.

Happy  viewing and feel free to share and leave your comments below. Thanks!